Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fashionista Rememberance day

Today we come together to embrace what we have, the friendships we've made and how far we've come together. The tragic incident yesterday, 27th august 2010, of the first Fashionista made over 36 months ago, owned by the inactive but lovely owner xxkathyxx10 being deleted brought many to anger and tears. All the posting memories, the amazing stories, and irreplaceable moments are now gone from this pixel world, but will remain in our memory. We lost a lot along with the club. Some friendships had fallen out, but they will mend themselves in time. The first back up club for this situation, Fashionista.2 was created 8 months ago by FunkayMe in preperation for an event like this. It is now occupied with most of the active Fashionista members, but during the harsh confusion, the club was split, and many left for the remake of Fashionista owned by lovelykate1999. Although we're split in two, broken, we are ONE.

On this day we will remember the great things about the club together. One club, made by one girl alone, brought us all together, and for that, we are thankful.
Many members of Fashionista have posted memorable quotes, memories and things they are thankful for and will not forget on their presentations, albums, and blogs.
fizzpixel has been collecting memories of Fashionista for her special Fashionista rememberance album, and when you have time, I think it's worth a look.
R.I.P. Old Fashionista, gone but never fogotten.

Coming up, is the Fashionista timeline, with memorable events, and iconic members.
And get well soon to the retarded dog that fell of a cliff owned by shaz.d.